FAQ: companies and professionals

How much is the quote service?

With this product, you only pay for each information/quote request with valid data that we send. The Price range per form varies according to the business area.
You may get information on prices by calling: or through our web form.

Do I need to pay to register or anything else?

No, it is absolutely free to register and to cancel the services if you wish to stop receiving them after some time.

To how many companies are the quotes sent?

They are always sent to 3 companies, never to more than that.

How do you send me the data of an interested person?

We always send you the data via e-mail, and we can also send them by fax if it is quicker or more comfortable for you.
Also, you can always access the data through the web tool we provide for free with your username and password at https://quotes.citiservi.com.

How many companies send you inquiries?

Sent to three companies.

How do you send data to interested contacts?

We send the data is always e-mail and we can send you SMS and Fax if it is more convenient and faster for you.
Also always have access to data from the web tool we give you free with your username and password at https://quotes.citiservi.com.

How do I register my business citiservi?

Just click on the link sign up link on any page top right and select to register a company, enter the data we ask you and your company will be posted in citiservi.

How I can update my listing appearing on citiservi?

On the page listing the details of your business, simply click on the link Are you the owner of this business?. Unavez confirm the data you request can go to manage your business card.

What if I forget my password?

You can request a new key from the I forgot my password . We'll Send you a new password to the email address you used on registration.

How do I request data may be erased from my business?

If you send us an email to privacy@citiservi.com with the business data that you want to cancel, delete it immediately.