Ex-husband custody battle, I live in florida he lives in maine

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Geographical area: Saco maine (Maine), 04072

Date: 12/12/2012

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Ex-husband custody battle, i live in florida he lives in maine

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My ex-husband was a drug addict and was in jail my two girl s was court ordered to spend a month last summer and he drank everyday that my girls were there and they think he is doing drugs as well. He wants them all summer he don't pay support but has a good lawyer and i don't have one because of finances . I have confidential reports from child protective service in florida on my behalf but maine courts won't allow me to use this in court. My girls are scared to go there but my girls are 12 & 14 and don't have any say in court because there to young my ex-husband is driving around with no license and drinking and drugs $100.00 dollar tabs at bars every week and i cant prove it from here, please help me.

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