Giving away a nice gas grill

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Geographical area: Fairfax (Virginia), 22030

Date: 07/12/2012

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Giving away a nice gas grill

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We were using this stainless steel grill until this week when i took a look under the grilling racks and discovered that the burners were completely rusted out. Instead of repairing the grill, i'd prefer to get a new one. However, it would be a shame to bring this otherwise wonderful grill to the county dump. If you are handy and don't mind putting a few $100 into the parts and a thorough cleaning, i think it will be a terrific grill for many years to come. The stainless still grilling racks still look to be solid and un-corroded. It's everything under the grilling racks that looks in bad shape. There's a removable electric rotisserie that we never used, but i'm sure it works fine. It also needs a good pressure washing overall. This grill is unique in that it is designed to connect to your home's natural gas system. Please see my add at for pics and details.

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