GPS tracking and location of daughter

Requested under section: Private Investigators

Geographical area: Folsom (California), 95630

Date: 01/15/2013

Private investigation service request

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Gps tracking and location of daughter

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Infidelity surveillance and/or checks

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I need to know if the lady in my life is dating another or others. i need to know if she is being true to me. she has lied to me in past, but i have taken her back. i need to know if i should continue or move on. 0n average, 1-2 night a week, she is leaving her options open. she is often unavailable by phone. i should think real time gps tracking would tell me all i need to know awa confirming addresses of 2 of her children. The surveillance work can all be electronically completed except for placing and removing tracking device. i can supply her work hours, location of vehicle and her present addresses and phone no.

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