housing fraud harrasment along with my magistrate

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Geographical area: pittsburgh (Pennsylvania), 15065

Date: 06/06/2014

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Housing fraud harrasment along with my magistrate

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I live in a low income housing complex and the magistrate is harassing me along with the police in the area making me pay so much money for nothing tickets. Rent court fees constable fees every other months no one else in this area gets treated like me an i have been living here four over 5 years and they still act. Like i'm a new person any one who comes to y home gets pulled over let alone i never in my life had nodrug charges nor any oother charges o can't seem to save any money because i owe my father so much for running to my rescue to pay large amounts of money for all my problems to keep e an my children with a roof under our heads. This place is harrasing me and my family for what I. Don't know at all i wanna move but i can't seem to make it no were out of here i don't understand but i need help or a way better understanding i can talk more about it.

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