I need to find my son Aaron Tarfman's physical address

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Geographical area: Portland (Oregon), 97215

Date: 08/24/2013

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I need to find my son aaron tarfman's physical address

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My son aaron tarfman has had serious psychological issues for most of his life. Since his unsuccessful suicide attempt several years ago he's decided he wants nothing to do with anyone in our family. I need to talk with him about whether he will inherit any assets of mine after i'm gone. He refuses to have that conversation and i need to make him understand the consequences of that decision it is urgent: i want this settled asap. He is not to know that i am coming for if he did he would avoid any contact at all costs. He refuses to answer calls, emails and will not communicate with any of us for almost 2 years. He does, however allow me to pay his cellphone bill/ ???

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