Investigate false accusation

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Geographical area: Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania), 15219

Date: 06/19/2012

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Investigate false accusation

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Infidelity surveillance and/or checks, others

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I need an investigation regarding false accusation between me and my significant other. I am not regularly in the city and i am being accused of infidelity. I want investigation to prove my innocence and also to dertermine what she does behind me. I am so heart broken all my property both cash and other belonging has been confiscated and she is living another man in the same apartment. I have no access to retrieve my property. I want to prove that i have no knowledge of what she is accusing me of. I will make available all my phone interactions and my bank account transactions.this just to prove that i have no vested interest in anyone. I am almost at the brink of insanity. If you.

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