Need to connect with my chris

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Date: 01/24/2013

Geographical area: Chicago (Illinois), 60607

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Need to connect with my chris

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Hi I would like to introduce myself and would ask for your assistance. My name is kylee dobosz. I am a single australian who i have been travelling with my best friend, seeing the sites of new york and las vegas on a trip to the usa. We were staying at the raddison on broadway in new york city and after a day visiting the sites of nyc we decided to have a few drinks in the bar of our hotel. we had had a rough day as a few things went wrong as they do when you travel like getting lost, or jumping on the wrong train in the subway, etc........ After a couple of drinks, a man named chris whose last name i didn't catch but after a couple of hours talking, he and i clicked where we discovered we had some common interests and got along really well. Now in saying that, because we got along so well, i forgot to get his contact details as it was as though it was like two friends leaving and would talk again like when you have their number already. We parted ways expecting to talk and meet in the hotel later where

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