Proof that my daughter's boyfriend isn't using her to pay his ex

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Geographical area: San Diego (California), 92104

Date: 04/29/2013

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Proof that my daughter's boyfriend isn't using her to pay his ex

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He's too nice to be real and we keep sending money to help her (& him) to pay their expenses. He's 36 years old and trying to get some degree (which he changes too often) and our daughter is naive to believe that he can't work & going to school at the same time therefor needs to help him! she's is going to school to guatemala for a month in june (she's getting a master in social work and needs to improve her spanish language). i would love to see what he's doing during her absence, taking summer class (chemistry) and can't work! we love our daughter and have always help her financially but she's 30 and needs to mature! she got married after college to someone again who used her to get a green card (he was english).she got divorced 3 years ago and as soon as she moved to ca she fell for this one! she's good looking and smart but not in her choice of men! Hope you can find something to convince her.

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