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Geographical area: Monument (Colorado), 80132

Date: 06/07/2012

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Tenants vs landlords

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I am a 46 year old disabled veteran, who was assaulted by my landlord's manager who was my x roomate, which made my live in situation a very inhabitable situation. So when i gave notice on april 2nd 2012, this woman wanted me to pay rent, and i told her that since i am disabled and was assaulted, besides several other reasons which made my situation inhabitable, i thus did not pay her rent. Then i said to her attorney that i would pay the $390.00 if she would give me my $200 security deposit back, of which she did not. So i was hoping if their is an investigator who could somehow get me documentation that supports my position as her house not being up to standards, per the law landlords and tenants. (meaning, old moldy carpet that is 20 yrs old, my bed was broken, mold on the ceilings, drinking water that is unsafe, ect. So, i am not sure if a pi can actually find ways of doing this, so i can have some proof for my june 18th court date. I do have some money that i can pay.

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