to find out how my daughter died

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Geographical area: tellico plains (Tennessee), 37385

Date: 09/23/2013

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To find out how my daughter died

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Asset and bank searches, others

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Hello my name is wade long and would like to find out how my daughter died in a rv fire in november 2012. Her and her boyfriend were in the rv and had fractures, missing limbs, and hematomas. I do believe that this was not a accident and that someone killed them. I have heard stories and have a woman's name saying she hit them then put leaves on the rv and set it on fire. I have always thought there to be more about this then what was said to begin with. I would like any help that i can get. I would like to know if we could air something on the news about this and try to get help from the community on anything anyone may know about it. The statue of limitations is soon to run out and would like to have closure on this. Have heard stories that someone killed her and her boyfriend then set a fire to cover it up. Thank you for your time.

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Tellico plains



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