To ID the Male that is stocking my 63 year old sister

Requested under section: Private Investigators

Geographical area: San Diego (California), 92107

Date: 02/12/2013

Private investigation service request

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To id the male that is stocking my 63 year old sister

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Infidelity surveillance and/or checks

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We know he male, we know he works in the area my sister live. He used his cell phone with private id no number when he express called her tonight. Rambling that he loved her and not to hang up on him. We believe this phone call was possible prompted by the fact. My sister has had a male friend for dinner a couple of times this past week. We believe that he may have witnessed a few kiss at the front door. To possible make the above mention phone call to her business time to a stop this behavior....she has had more the just the two described above. My sister lives along has a security camera at the front door + an alarm system. Can you help we discover who this person is so we can take the next step to the police,

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San diego



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