Tort attorney to sue for Medical bills etc.

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Geographical area: Stone Park (Illinois), 60165

Date: 10/17/2013

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Tort attorney to sue for medical bills etc.

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I was assualted by a bouncer which resulted in a fractured nose. This occured oon october 4, 2013. The reason this happened was because i stepped outside the facility and smoked a joint. As i tried to reenter the bar the bouncer refused to let me in. I was arguing that my tab was still open and credit card was inside. We began to argue then another employee came out. To be honest, i was sloppy drunk and being somewhat ignorant. The bouncer pushed me then i began to run my mouth twice as much until the bouncer lost his cool and struck me in my face . I then fell and both employees jumped on me. It happened outside the entrance and one of my friends saw the bouncer hit me and me falling and pulled me out from under in between both employees. After they beat me up they attempted to put handcuffs on me which my friend did not allow because they should've put the cuffs on before the incident not after i was bleeding and all beat up. They let my friend takeme home. The next morning i woke up in pain and shocked whe

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