tv roof antenna for 2 tv's

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Geographical area: Seffner (Florida), 33584

Date: 01/29/2014

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Tv roof antenna for 2 tv's

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Http:// I was searching for a tv antenna and found this website. I have no clue as to what i'm looking at and need help choosing the right antenna indoor or outdoor for my location. Do you install antennas? and which one do you recommend? can 1 antenna be enough for two tv,s both new, lg hd. I'm thinking to have an outdoor antenna installed in the attic although i'm sure it's cluttered with wires from the direct tv installer which my son insists keeping that one in his bedroom left as is. The other two tv's will be hooked to whatever antenna most suitable for my area. I hope i gave you enough information to get an idea of what i want and what you can do. My address is 2023 magnolia ave, Seffner, fl. 33584 Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. Virginia ruffolo P.S. i'm not hell bent on an attic installation, the roof is also an option as long as it's not near direct tv antenna on the front of the house.

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