help in getting full custody of my boys

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Date: 11/07/2011

Geographic area: Reidsville (North Carolina), 27320

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help in getting full custody of my boys

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in order to get out of an abusive marriage I moved to ohio with my three boys, two of them are my husbands. I was ordered to stay in NC and when I didnt he ended up with full custody of my boys. He is an alcoholic, abusive man who is leaving his parents to care for the kids. I have moved back to nc in hopes to get my boys back where they belong. I need help proving this though because my lawyer didn't do a good job. I have recorded him not allowing me to get or see the kids while he was at work; also his mother isn't allowing them to see me when they cry for me or want me to come get them. Services requested: Child Support & Investigations Region: North Carolina


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North Carolina

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