I need pictures and info to know my aunt is safe.

Requested in the section: Private Investigators & Detectives

Date: 11/11/2011

Geographic area: New York (New York), 0995

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I need pictures and info to know my aunt is safe.

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My aunt is mentally unstable. Her name is Cheri fonteno and she gave her care taker power of attorney over everything . The lady relocated my Aunt without telling us. I don't care about money or anything like that I just want to know if she is safe. I need reconnaissance and pictures solid info . I know that the care takers name is Mary but I have never gotten the back ground info on her. I don't even know her real last name. Most of all I just want to know my aunt is safe. Her number is -9. I don't even know where she is at in new York . Maybe track her phone. Please help me Services requested: Others Region: New York


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New York


New York

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