Information on activities of my children's mother

Requested in the section: Private Investigators & Detectives

Date: 05/01/2012

Geographic area: Hayward / Fremont (California), 94544

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Information on activities of my children's mother

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Mother and father not married, have not lived together for past 3 /12 years. At present time Custody is 50/50, but father's parents are the day care providers, so children are in father's home most of the time. Mother does not always require children(age 7 and 4) to wear seat belts. Mother was on drugs for many years, then "quit" but there is reason to believe that she may have started again, with dealer coming to her house when minor children are there. Mother causes emotional distress to children by speaking derisively regarding father and grandparents in children's presence. Children are "afraid that Daddy is going to die." Mother talks on cellphone much of the time she is driving, has received a ticket for running a red light, for which nothing seems to have happened. Mother got a parking ticket while driving her unregistered, possibly uninsured vehicle, while using a license plate not belonging to her car. Don't if she has a valid license. etc. etc. I would like to protect my children. Services requested: Child Support & Investigations Region: California


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Hayward / Fremont



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