on a child coustody case and termination of paternial rights

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Date: 11/16/2011

Geographic area: Andalusia (Alabama), 36420

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on a child coustody case and termination of paternial rights

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a ex-husband and a judge investagated to see if they are friends and a child coustody order was granted to a mother who had terminated her rights of her child to the pertinal grand mother in 2008...the paternial grand mother had the child for 3 1/2 years and the maternial mother filed a patetion with a judge and was granted her rights of the child back after being told by her attorney and the judge that she could not get her rights back of the child...she had no evidence of the paternial grand mother doing any harm to the child...the grand mother had all kinds of evidence against the mother but the judge ruled that the mother got the child back...there are rumers that the mother's dad and the judge are good friends and that they play poker together...the judge plays golf and he was more interested in where the mothers new husband played golf at then what was going on in court Services requested: Others Region: Alabama


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