find location of my son and his mother

Requested under section: Private Investigators

Geographical area: Omaha, NE (Nebraska), 68130

Date: 08/28/2012

Private investigation service request

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Find location of my son and his mother

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Infidelity surveillance and/or checks, child support & investigations

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My son's mother left me and had papers served on july 30th. She claims to be in omaha, ne at her sisters but in checking out the residence on two occasions at night, she was not there. She has told the attorneys that is where she and my son are staying but obviously not. I need to find out where they are as i have not seen my son now in 5 weeks and also need to find out what type of people my son is being kept with. This is a bad situation and i want to gather all the info i can prior to the custody hearing.

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Omaha, ne



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