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Requested in the section: Private Investigators & Detectives

Date: 09/25/2011

Geographic area: Berkeley Springs Wv. (West Virginia), 25411

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Person of interest has obtained new employment and would like to know what her new salary is for child support modifications. Person of interest had also purchased new property with a trailer home on it and has allowed her brother to move it. I feel she has in the past and or now is receiving rent monies from him. I would like to find out if she is and if she is, is she reporting this income to the IRS ? She has not reported this income to our family courts as additional income. He maybe paying cash so their may be no paper trail. And lastly, Her present husband may be receiving disability payment which he is not entitled to. This man goes out and climes deer stands. loads heavy bags of deer feed in his tractor spreader and does many physical activities that most most healthy men do. He had a pace maker implanted but the DR he was seeing at first cleared him for work. I work at a place where I drive a truck and have 3 associates who have had pace makers implanted and are still working with me. Services requested: Workers Comp Surveillance, Child Support & Investigations, Asset and Bank Searches, Others Region: West Virginia


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Berkeley Springs Wv.


West Virginia

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